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Notable surge in signups

Since implementing Heatseeker's recommended ads, we've experienced a notable surge in signups and a simultaneous decrease in our cost per click. The impact on our campaign performance has been remarkable!

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Heatseeker is helping us identify new value propositions and test these in market - so we know we're investing resources and time on offers with the most potential.

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About Heatseeker

Heatseeker helps businesses find what customers want, so they can build the right stuff. Our software provides Growth-Hacking-as-a-Service, enabling scale-ups to test and learn in the market, identifying messaging that resonates with their users, empowering them to acquire new customers and discover untapped areas of growth.

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Why Heatseeker?

How does it work?

1. Gather intel

Heatseeker conducts a competitor analysis of other brands in your market and presents the results to you.


2. Create your tests

Heatseeker creates multiple digital ad campaigns with variations of messaging and graphics tailored to your product.


3. Discover your market

Launch your ad campaign and gather data on which ads generate the most engagement and what variables produce the best results.


4. Iterate on insight

Heatseeker continues to iterate based on the results of previous campaigns until you have enough data to confidently launch your next product with the right value proposition.

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Verify your value proposition with live-testing.

See how Heatseeker helps you run tests to your target audience with results in as few as 4 days!

Increased CVR
+29% vs last month

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60+ happy teams using Heatseeker

Prevent product failure

Quickly validate your product ideas and identify what your customers truly want with AI-driven market experiments, reducing the risk of product failure.

Craft winning messages

Develop compelling value propositions based on data-backed recommendations, ensuring your messaging resonates with your target audience and drives engagement.

Stay ahead of the competition

Gain real-time insights into your competitors' strategies through market research, enabling you to make informed decisions and seize market opportunities before they do.

Speak your customers language

Generate, modify, define, and redefine your value propositions using Heatseeker's curated recommendations, grounded on customer and market data.

  • Play with unique, data-backed, and competitor-researched value props to reach your desired version.
  • Use language capabilities of the platform to find the precise words to describe your product according to what your market wants and how your market thinks.

Make smart & rapid business decisions with instant insights into market trends

A real-time audit of all of your competitors including their main offerings, unique selling propositions, pricing information, testimonials, and features. 

  • Gathers competitive intelligence on how your competition approaches pricing, messaging, and business models
  • Identify opportunities for unique differentiators on competitors’ gaps
  • Develop data-driven go-to-market strategies based on unfulfilled customer needs
Get a free demoGet a free demo

Verify your value proposition with live-testing

See how Heatseeker helps you run tests to your target audience with results in as few as 4 days!

Validate your value proposition through ads

Run your ad campaign to gather data on which ads generate the most engagement using and what variables produce the best results. Make data-driven decisions about what product to develop next, what messaging to use in your campaigns, and how to price your product

For B2B you'll be running tests on LinkedIn, while for B2C it will be Meta.


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Click-through rate

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